We are on Tour! 

Hello from Nashville!

Austin and I are on the road this Fall! The reason? Our apartment rent started at $1250 when we moved in. In January we received a notice that our rent would raise $350. Wow! It was happening to us. Seattle is full of these sort of stories good people being priced out of their homes. We struggled to pay the increase until June when we received another rent increase of $350. In Total $700 more a month. We decided to move out. 

Our Rent began at $1250 in September 2011 and ended at $2150 in 2017 it raised $900. 


We packed our things in Storage and purchased a 13ft trailer called a Scamp. Off we headed to Nashville. We will in all be taking 4 months off to travel the US. You can follow our tour dates at: https://www.taishanmusic.com/shows



We have show dates in:

  • Nashville
  • New Orleans
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle

What have we seen? Some of the sights we have witnessed are unexplainable. Seeing the Eclipse and our first fireflies on the same day was a sight I have never seen. Visiting the state park Graham Caves and witnessing a note scrawled on the cave wall marked 1897 "All things must Changeth" was a touching moment. 

We also survived our first hurricane and tornado warning. Hurricane Harvey swept through and rattled our little trailer. Our water buckets filled over and over again. The local river rose 41ft. We were safe from the flash flood but then the tornado sirens began and we were terrified We began to evacuate when the sirens stopped. It really taught us to think about where to head quickly. 

Check back with us as we will be updating our tour blog as we continue through our travels. 

Much Love Tai and Austin

Enjoy a brand new song. Out of the Frying Pan about love on the road!


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