Back from Mexico and Ready to ROCK!

What an amazing trip!  For those of you have never been down the Baja, it is quite incredible. 

We saw just about all one could expect to see, and even more you wouldn't expect; seeing grey whales, playing at Hotel California, releasing baby sea turtles, swimming with sea lions, traversing impossible landscapes, meeting a racing legend named Coco in the middle of the desert, eating mountains of tacos, befriending all of the dogs, almost getting run off the road by potholes and tenacious truck drivers, sleeping on the beach, and tacos. 

Through all 3,080 miles, Lady and the Scamp (our nickname for our vehicle and home) held up like a champion.  We could not be more proud of our little lady. 

Now that we are back, we are gearing up for the Meet in the Middle CD release party on February 3rd. For this show, we decided to a release show like none other: we will be performing in the room where we the album was recorded just a year earlier at the historic Jack Straw Studios in Seattle's University District. 

Since this the show will be held in the recording studios, there will only be 50 seats available in total. Three of our lucky supporters already have their tickets on hold from us, so that means only 47 tickets are left!  Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to watch a show where the recording vibes are still fresh and juicy. 

As a special gift to all of our  friends, enter the promo code TAIFAN to get $10 off ticket price!  Click on the link below to get your tickets now! 



Tai + Austin

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