1. Big Bad Wolf

From the recording Living Fiction


What you got to do this for got me
waiting by the kitchen door bottle of booze and a cigarette waiting on you
What you want to hurt me for
Why can’t you see how it feels waiting on you waiting on me
What you want to do to me
you got me lost and questioning
Every little thing that you said to me confess to me

I’m sick of this second guessing
I’m not a wolf in grandma’s dress and
you don’t know what you’ve done to me
You telling me that you need proof
That I’m not the big bad

What you got to say that for
confess your love and disappear
cop a feel seal the deal does it make you feel better
Why you want to act that way
Lead me on and walk away
expect me to care expecting to go away
Maybe your just ignorant
Can’t see the shadow that you cast
Or the darkness that I’m in
Oh I a thinking I am sinking oh yea

This ain’t a war and I’m not the bad guy
so don't you point your gun at me I
sitting round waiting on a single word
that would justify waiting so patiently
so patiently
I’m waiting patiently