The House Concert Tonight was Fabulous”

— Charly Leys- Hammerfriar Art Gallery

We Had 30-40 people their tonight. Just singing and dancing and going crazy”

— Rowan Biskey- Events Coordinator at Breightenbush

The Show was a festive atmosphere that was comfortable and delightful and wonderful all around”

— Amber Knox- House Concert Host

House concerts are exactly that- an intimate concert in your home that can bring together your friends and community in a unique way. These types of shows are always a wonderful experience for all involved! House concerts are probably my favorite kind of shows: the lack of traditional audience/performer barriers allows me to make strong, deep connections with people. This isn’t an anonymous nightclub music-consumption situation; this is personal and intimate, and that reflects directly in people’s experiences. It's incredibly enriching for me as a performer, and it seems to be similarly enriching for the people at my shows

Anyone can host House Concert- you don't need to be an experienced house concert host to put on a wonderful event, and I will guide you through the entire process. In a nutshell, you provide the space and invite your friends once we pick a date. Typically I do shows by donation.

  • A space that fits 15+ people 
  • Chairs for 15+ people

The area you choose for the concert space should be able to fit 15+ people. For many, that's the living room, but it can also be a porch, garden, etc. Couches, folding chairs, pillows, and blankets (or any combination of these) work great for seating. 
The only requirement is that everyone in attendance can remain seated for the entirety of the performance. Think of it as a one-act play in your home.

    Together We can:

    • Prepare invitations to send to your guests 
    • Help you get the word out with videos and teasers 
    • We will send a reminder that it’s time to send invitations 
    • Ask guests to RSVP

    Once the date is confirmed we will work together planning the details of the show with you.  We will provide you with language for you to use in your invitations, so you can focus on getting the word out and not worry about what to say! 

    We will send you reminders that it’s time to send invitations out as well as a weekly series of easy copy-paste “teasers” that you can use to remind your guests on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and get some more RSVPs. We find that using the RSVP gets the best response rate, we highly recommend using it!