1. Remember When

From the recording Traveling Show

Tai Shan & her husband Austin Garrison were married in 2016, taking a vow that a married pair of artists can succeed in making a life together. Together, they tour the US in a 13ft trailer. They share a passion for connecting with an incredible community of people.
released April 3, 2020

Tai Shan - Guitar, Lead Vocal
Austin Garrison – Background Vocals, Beatbox, trumpet, aux percussion
Josh Rawlings – Piano
Devin Bews – Drums
Marina Christopher - Bass
Joey Walbaum - Keyboard / Rhodes
Produced by Mark Blasco
Photographer – Becky Yee
Graphic designer – Ashley L. Evans

Songwriters / Co-Writers:
All Songs composed by Tai Shan (BMI)
except What’s Up/Don’t worry be Happy is a mashup, songs originally written by: Bobby McFerrin (BMI) and Linda Perry (BMI).

Studio recorded at
Jack Straw Studios - Seattle, WA
Red Bar Studios - Seattle, WA

Producer credit: Mark Blasco
Mixing Credit: Mark Blasco


remember when
We were young
Champaign and cigarettes and laughter

Things were fun
So drunk so foolish just
F. Gsus4 // G//
There was a magic and we all felt it

When midnight came
Esus4 //E//
We stormed the balcony
Amin. // C/G. // F
And smoked cheap cigarettes over the quiet streets
G//. G/F // C/E
I don't know what's coming over me
Dmin. Gsus4 //G//
All I know is I remember everything

There was a time
When I all I knew
F. G
Was how to shine and how to fool you

It makes me laugh
Cause they could care less
F. G
So young so fresh so innocent

Dmin. Esus4// E
Never mind the things we must do
Amin//. C/G//. F
No matter the world that we've lived through
G//. G/F // C/E. 2x Fsus2 2x
Now I don't know now what to do
C/E Fsus2.
What do I do now

C/E Fsus2/// G
Who am I now
C. Amin. F. G. C. Amin F. G. C
Cause I remember everything